How to get involved

The SBN Smart Procurement Project is intended for the benefit of businesses helping to create a thriving New Zealand. Here are three ways you can get involved in the project.


use our resources

We've spent the last six months pulling together a batch of resources to help build procurers' awareness on hot topics and embed sustainability into their practices. Existing resources include:

  • Social Procurement: a Hot Topic brief using NZ case studies
  • Modern Slavery: a Hot Topic brief with NZ-relevant information
  • A Procurement Process Guide with sustainability prompts, and
  • A Diagnostic Brief on why sustainable procurement isn't already thriving in NZ.

These resources can all be downloaded free from the Resources page.


JOin our groups!

The Smart Procurement project has achieved what it has thanks to the efforts of the Leaders Group and its longstanding Practitioners Group, made up of SBN members. For more information on opportunities and expectations for members of these groups, please contact Sam directly through the details on the Contact page.


Register your interest

Enter your details in the form below to let us know:

  • which procurement or sustainability issues your organisation is dealing with,
  • what kind of guidance you could usefully use, or
  • which expertise you can offer this project.

We'll incorporate what we hear into the project plan as we enter Phase 2, which will begin by generating both general and industry-specific sustainability guidance for procurers.

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