Our intention is to help NZ businesses confidently and consistently practise sustainable procurement, delivering value for their organisations as well as be a positive force for our society and natural treasures.


What are we Doing?

We’ve heard from both suppliers and procurers, and their views are remarkably consistent. (See our full Diagnostic brief under Resources).

That gives us a robust basis for taking our next steps.

There are four initial areas we will focus on to enable a shift in procurement practices within NZ (listed in perceived order of priority):


For buyers:

1.     Develop written support materials and training sessions to build the capability and confidence of buyers to enact sustainable procurement practices.

2.     Start building the profile and sharing results of sustainable procurement practices within NZ.

For suppliers:

3.     Provide clarity and support resources on evolving buyer expectations of responsible business practices.

4.     Build suppliers' capability and confidence to enable the best-performing suppliers to win business on the strength of their sustainability credentials.


**2018 Project Update**       Entering Phase 2.

Since early 2018 the SBN Smart Procurement project has been busy forming industry-specific collaborations of businesses from the SBN membership. These collaborations are tasked with delivering sustainability guidance for business customers (procurers) for their given industry, in the form of critical themes and questions for suppliers. The release of the first batch of these guidance documents is expected by April/May 2018. For more information or to get involved, please find Contact details here.