The SBN Smart Procurement project was established to help NZ businesses confidently and consistently practise sustainable procurement, delivering value for their organisations as well as be a positive force for our society and natural treasures.


2019: Project State-of-Play

From 2017-2019, the SBN Smart Procurement project has convened procurers and suppliers to identify the way(s) forward for sustainability in NZ procurement; developed generalised guidance for procurers; and most recently developed industry-specific procurement guidance for a handful of select industries. This project is currently on hold, but all resources developed are available at this site and will soon be pulled back to the main SBN website.

how the change will happen

At this project’s inception, we heard from both suppliers and procurers and their views were remarkably consistent. (See our full Diagnostic brief under Resources).

That gave us a robust basis for taking our next steps. We identified four focus areas required to enable a shift in procurement practices within NZ (listed in perceived order of priority):


For buyers:

1.     Develop written support materials and training sessions to build the capability and confidence of buyers to enact sustainable procurement practices.

2.     Start building the profile and sharing results of sustainable procurement practices within NZ.

For suppliers:

3.     Provide clarity and support resources on evolving buyer expectations of responsible business practices.

4.     Build suppliers' capability and confidence to enable the best-performing suppliers to win business on the strength of their sustainability credentials.

This project has prioritised addressing the first need on this list. Other organisations, including ākina through its fwd: program, have been addressing other needs listed here. Together, all paddles drive the waka forward!