The SBN Smart Procurement Project 

The Smart Procurement project is a collaboration between the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) and a selection of our member businesses. It aims to boost the profile of sustainable procurement and the confidence and consistency of sustainable procurement practices within New Zealand. The Smart Procurement project draws on the expertise and guidance of its two groups: the Procurement Practitioners Group and the Procurement Leaders Group.

The Practitioners Group 

Since 2015, SBN has been working with a group of more than 25 large procuring organisations. The group includes a mix of corporate businesses, councils and universities. It has begun developing resources to help procurers engage with suppliers on sustainability.

The group provides guidance and expertise around emerging practices within NZ procurement, as well as ensuring that the resources developed by the Smart Procurement project are tailor-made to meet the 'need' among NZ businesses.

The Procurement Leaders Group 

In late 2016, SBN convened a group of Procurement Leaders to help provide strategic direction to the project. This group consults widely to inform the design and development of resources to help New Zealand businesses embed sustainability within procurement. A huge thank you to all project partners during Phase 1 (2016 & 2017) of the project!

Leaders Group members during Phase 1 (    2016 & 2017) of the SBN Smart Procurement project

Leaders Group members during Phase 1 (2016 & 2017) of the SBN Smart Procurement project